Faculty of Oriental Medicine วิทยาลัยเชียงราย

In the academic year 2013, Eastern Medical College has started teaching in Chiang Rai College. To accommodate the changes in the Act and the laws relating to bureaucracy reform. Promote the use of health care. Safe Effective Economical and consistent with lifestyle. Thai economy and society such as Thai traditional medicine. Traditional Thai Medicine Traditional Chinese Medicine Combined in health care, Chinese medicine has a history of development and succession over five thousand years. In the past fifty years, the application has been integrated with Western medicine. It has become the mainstream of public health in China. It is also popular and recognized by developed countries such as the US, UK, Germany, Australia, Japan, Korea, and Singapore. For Thailand has introduced Chinese medicine since the Sukhothai period. There is evidence that there are many Chinese pharmacies in Bangkok and major cities throughout Thailand. The Chinese Traditional Medicine Association has been founded over 80 years ago.

When Chinese medicine has become a part of the health system for Thailand. It is anticipated that the medical and public health service will need skilled personnel in traditional Chinese medicine in public and private hospitals. When assessing the need for such personnel, it would be very costly to send or receive training abroad.

Therefore, the college should see the production of such personnel. I have set up a medical doctor. The first course was started. Chinese Traditional Medicine Course (New Curriculum 2013) is a 5-year undergraduate curriculum, taught in Thai and Chinese. Thai students and foreign students can speak, listen, read and understand Thai language very well. It is a curriculum that combines teaching and learning. Hubei University of Chinese Medicine